Support Black Family-Owned Businesses!

Hey all,

We are obviously in very difficult times right now, and as for posting this week, you won’t see much on my social media channels. I know many are looking for ways to help during these difficult times and one of the best ways to do this is by supporting local black family-owned businesses. Below you can find a list of these restaurants. If you know of any that I might be missing, feel free to reach out to me and I will update this list.

  • Dellz Retreat (located in West Ashley)
  • Graft Wine Shop and Wine Bar
  • Nanas Uptown
  • Local 616
  • Republic Gardens and Lounge
  • Chucktown Bar and Grill
  • Bertha’s Kitchen
  • Martha Lou’s Kitchen
  • Dave’s Carry Out
  • VIP Bistro
  • Hannibal’s Kitchen
  • Rodney Scott’s BBQ
  • Eastside Soul
  • Gillie’s Seafood
  • Park Circle Creamery
  • Fresh Future Farm

Jazzy Pizza from Dellz Retreat

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