Dining From A Distance

Many restuarants have opened up their patios to outdoor seating and next week, many will be extending their service to indoor dining. Charleston is steadily beginning to open up its doors, but it is still important to continue to wear masks and distance ourselves from others, especially when entering restaurants and other businesses. Fortunately, I’ve got a great list of restaurants that are working hard to ensure the safety of both their patrons and their staff with well-distanced seating as well as other safety precautions being taken.

1. Mercantile and Mash – Mercantile and Mash, located in the Cigar Factory on East Bay Street is continuing to offer to-go, delivery and take-out services, as well as outdoor and indoor seating (indoor dining and delivery begins this Monday!). The outdoor seating consists of about 6 picnic tables well spread out to ensure effective social distancing. As for their indoor dining service, they are allowing patrons to sit at a table for no more than an hour and will only have enough seating for a total of 37 people. All staff will wear masks and gloves. If you go, I highly suggest opting for the avocado toast ($7 or add an egg for $2 extra!) or a pastry from their amazing pastry chef, Anne White.


2. The Park Cafe – Open for outdoor seating, as well as take-out. The outdoor tables are well spaced apart to ensure effective social distancing. If you order ahead, all you have to do is walk up to the coffee bar, directly past the front entrance and stick your card in a server booklet, wait for them to run your card, and then they will hand you your order. Contact is very minimal and servers wear masks. If you go, I would suggest opting for the tomato and squash panzanella ($11).


3. Workshop – Open for outdoor seating, as well as take-out. Workshop is taking social distancing up a notch, with arrows pointing to entry points and exit points. Their is an area in the center of the outdoor area that is strictly reserved for outdoor dining. There is someone at the entry way monitoring how many people are in the dining area at one time to prevent over-crowding and ensure effective social distancing. To place a food order at one of Workshop’s stalls, place an order with the person in the Workshop entry way and they will make sure your order is placed with the appropriate stall. If you go, I recommend ordering an entree from their newest stall, Ma’am Saab, offering up authentic Pakistani food or an entree from Mansueta’s, their Filipino stall. Most items are quite reasonably priced.



4. Sunshine Hummus – This restaurant is strictly open for take-out and delivery AKA very minimal contact involved! It’s also incredibly delicious, so you really can’t go wrong. If you go, I would suggest opting for the OM hummus bowl ($10.90), which consists of hummus topped with chickpeas, tahini, cucumber, tomato, cumin, paprika, olive oil, parsley, and one slice of pita bread.


That’s all I’ve got for now, but keep checking back. I plan to continuously update this list as more restaurants begin to open up their dining rooms and patios. Stay safe out there, folks!

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