Getting Your Foodie Podcast Fix!

This week I had the opportunity to attend a live podcast recording in the test kitchen of Charleston Food and Wine, and found it to be such a thrilling experience, that I had to share it with all my readers! There is a special podcast series called “Tasting Notes” that the festival hosts each month, featuring influential people in the food industry, not just in Charleston, but around the country. The podcast recordings are open for viewing by the public and are 100% FREE! This past week, I attended the recording of Radio Cherry Bombe, which is a podcast that features women around the country that have an influence in the food industry. Kerry Diamond, the podcast’s host interviewed Gillian Zettler and Karalee Fallert. Gillian is the executive director of the Charleston Food and Wine Festival and Karalee is the co-founder of the Green Heart Project and the co-owner of Taco Boy, The Royal American, The Park Cafe, and the Wiki Wiki Sandbar(wow!).


Photo op with Kerry Diamond!

Upon walking into the Test Kitchen, I was welcomed with a complimentary glass of the most delicious white wine, as well as small bites being offered by the Park Cafe. There were small tarts that were filled with ricotta cheese and topped with beets, as well as mini avocado toasts and toasts with cheese, tomato and balsamic. These small bites quickly reminded me of how much I love brunching at the Park Cafe and that I need to get back there stat!


Small bites provided by the Park Cafe

After some nibbling I sat down for the start of the show. Kerry asked many great questions and I felt very intrigued by all that these two amazing women had to say. As someone who works in the food industry, I felt very inspired by Karalee. Karalee started out as as server, and soon realized her passion for Charleston’s food industry and using local ingredients, which eventually led to her big leadership roles. Gillian is one of the people who has the hefty task of making sure the Charleston Food and Wine Festival runs smoothly and is in charge of getting all the little details in order.


Radio Cherry Bombe live!

If you want to get in on a FREE live podcast viewing like this one, the next one will be held on February 12 from 4pm-5:15pm and will be featuring a local foodie podcast, Effin B Radio. The special guest that will be interviewed is Corrie Wang, who is the co-owner of newly opened restaurant, Jackrabbit Filly. You can score your free tickets here.

Speaking of foodie podcasts, here is a list of my go-to podcasts for all the best intel into Charleston’s food and beverage industry. You can find them all in the podcast app on your phone!

  1. The Winnow: The Winnow is a local podcast that is hosted by The Post and Courier’s food editor, Hanna Raskin and food reporter, Dave Infante. The podcast is all about the inside scoop in the Southern food world and one that I personally find incredibly fascinating. It is released every Wednesday, coinciding with the food section release in the local newspaper.
  2. The Southern Fork: This podcast is hosted by local Charleston editor and writer, Stephanie Burt. The podcast offers some of the most fascinating culinary stories, featuring people with major influence in the F&B world, not just in Charleston, but all over the south. New episodes are released every Sunday.
  3. Hidden F&B: This podcast features top notch foodies who are involved in Charleston’s food and bev scene, but haven’t quite made their mark. I find this podcast fascinating and important because since the food and bev scene in Charleston is so huge, there are many influential people that can be easily missed. New episodes for this podcast are released once a month, usually towards the end of the month.
  4. Effin B Radio: As mentioned above, this is a local Charleston podcast and is hosted and was created by Lindsay Collins. It’s a foodie podcast with a little comedy mixed in with it. They discuss the less important food related news with a playful and humorous demeanor. It’s a great thing to listen to on a drive home from work! Episodes are typically released two times a month.

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