Support Black Family-Owned Businesses!

Hey all,

We are obviously in very difficult times right now, and as for posting this week, you won’t see much on my social media channels. I know many are looking for ways to help during these difficult times and one of the best ways to do this is by supporting local black family-owned businesses. Below you can find a list of these restaurants. If you know of any that I might be missing, feel free to reach out to me and I will update this list.

  • Dellz Retreat (located in West Ashley)
  • Graft Wine Shop and Wine Bar
  • Nanas Uptown
  • Local 616
  • Republic Gardens and Lounge
  • Chucktown Bar and Grill
  • Bertha’s Kitchen
  • Martha Lou’s Kitchen
  • Dave’s Carry Out
  • VIP Bistro
  • Hannibal’s Kitchen
  • Rodney Scott’s BBQ
  • Eastside Soul
  • Gillie’s Seafood
  • Park Circle Creamery
  • Fresh Future Farm

Jazzy Pizza from Dellz Retreat

Charleston’s Ultimate Biscuit Sandwiches

1. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit: Cinnamon Biscuit

Callie’s is the ultimate biscuit hot spot and if you aren’t heading there to nosh on a cinnamon biscuit, you are really missing out. This place has always been and will forever be my favorite place to get a biscuit. The founder, Carrie Morey crafted her biscuit recipe to perfection and you can literally take in the sweet smell of the biscuits baking as soon as you walk into the shop. Unfortunately, due to COVID, the shop is closed; however, they have a traveling biscuit truck named “Butter” hanging out in different neighborhoods around town each day. Check out the website to see where they are headed next! Prices range between $5-$8. If they are offering it, get the 3 mini biscuits for $6 deal, which is usually what I opt for so I can try different kinds!



2. Miller’s All Day: Ham Biscuit

Ringing in at just $7.50, this biscuit sandwich is basically the fanciest biscuit sandwich you’ll ever eat and is sure to please every inch of your palate. It is filled with a large cut of fresh and flavorful country ham, fig jam and warm, melted havarti cheese. The biscuit itself is perfectly flaky, salty, buttery, and moist. The sandwich truly encompasses all the delicious qualities of the ultimate southern biscuit sandwich.


3. Mercantile and Mash: Spicy Chicken Biscuit

Ringing in at $9, this biscuit sandwich packs in both spicy and sweet flavors. It is filled with perfectly crunchy fried chicken, spicy honey, szechuen peppercorns, b&b pickles and is served on a flaky buttermilk biscuit. It is a bit smaller than many biscuit sandwiches in Charleston, making the price a bit hefty, but the fusion of unique flavors definitely make it worth the slight splurge.

4. Gnome Cafe: Hemp Sausage Biscuit

Yes, this is a vegan biscuit, but fear not meat-eaters! It’s still delicious as ever and it only costs $6. Though make sure you get it on a scallion cheddar biscuit, because that really brings in the flavor punch. It is filled with a slightly spicy hemp sausage patty and is smothered with a pepper jelly that lightens the spice of the sausage with its sweet flavor. The biscuit itself you may find to be a bit more crumbly in texture, but it is still super moist and full of flavor.


5. Viscious Biscuit: The Ranchero

Though there are a wide variety of biscuit sandwiches to choose from on the menu at this restaurant, I felt the most unique of them to be The Ranchero. It is essentially all the components of a huevos rancheros dish thrown in between two halves of a biscuit almost as big as your face and topped with a sunny-side up egg. This biscuit is truly viscious and I would highly suggest bringing a friend to share it with. Ringing in at just $9, this is where you can truly get the best bang for your buck. Not to mention the biscuits themselves have great sweet and savory flavors and are perfectly flaky and moist.



Do you have a favorite Charleston biscuit? Feel free to share in the comments!

Dining From A Distance

Many restuarants have opened up their patios to outdoor seating and next week, many will be extending their service to indoor dining. Charleston is steadily beginning to open up its doors, but it is still important to continue to wear masks and distance ourselves from others, especially when entering restaurants and other businesses. Fortunately, I’ve got a great list of restaurants that are working hard to ensure the safety of both their patrons and their staff with well-distanced seating as well as other safety precautions being taken.

1. Mercantile and Mash – Mercantile and Mash, located in the Cigar Factory on East Bay Street is continuing to offer to-go, delivery and take-out services, as well as outdoor and indoor seating (indoor dining and delivery begins this Monday!). The outdoor seating consists of about 6 picnic tables well spread out to ensure effective social distancing. As for their indoor dining service, they are allowing patrons to sit at a table for no more than an hour and will only have enough seating for a total of 37 people. All staff will wear masks and gloves. If you go, I highly suggest opting for the avocado toast ($7 or add an egg for $2 extra!) or a pastry from their amazing pastry chef, Anne White.


2. The Park Cafe – Open for outdoor seating, as well as take-out. The outdoor tables are well spaced apart to ensure effective social distancing. If you order ahead, all you have to do is walk up to the coffee bar, directly past the front entrance and stick your card in a server booklet, wait for them to run your card, and then they will hand you your order. Contact is very minimal and servers wear masks. If you go, I would suggest opting for the tomato and squash panzanella ($11).


3. Workshop – Open for outdoor seating, as well as take-out. Workshop is taking social distancing up a notch, with arrows pointing to entry points and exit points. Their is an area in the center of the outdoor area that is strictly reserved for outdoor dining. There is someone at the entry way monitoring how many people are in the dining area at one time to prevent over-crowding and ensure effective social distancing. To place a food order at one of Workshop’s stalls, place an order with the person in the Workshop entry way and they will make sure your order is placed with the appropriate stall. If you go, I recommend ordering an entree from their newest stall, Ma’am Saab, offering up authentic Pakistani food or an entree from Mansueta’s, their Filipino stall. Most items are quite reasonably priced.



4. Sunshine Hummus – This restaurant is strictly open for take-out and delivery AKA very minimal contact involved! It’s also incredibly delicious, so you really can’t go wrong. If you go, I would suggest opting for the OM hummus bowl ($10.90), which consists of hummus topped with chickpeas, tahini, cucumber, tomato, cumin, paprika, olive oil, parsley, and one slice of pita bread.


That’s all I’ve got for now, but keep checking back. I plan to continuously update this list as more restaurants begin to open up their dining rooms and patios. Stay safe out there, folks!

Need Groceries? Support Local!

We are in the midst of a global pandemic and are continuously having the words “social distancing” and “stay at home” ingrained into our minds. This makes going to the grocery store whenever we want not quite so feasible. That is why I am taking advantage of one of my favorite ways to buy groceries – through local farms and businesses! In my opinion, its the best way to go about getting your groceries, pandemic or no pandemic. Most CSA (community supported agriculture) programs are doing contact-free delivery or very minimal contact pick-ups. In other words, you don’t even have to step foot into a grocery store to get some of the best tasting produce around. Keep reading to get in on some of my go-to ways to support local in these desperate times.

  1. Lowcountry Street Grocery – As you may recall from some previous posts about this fabulous business, LSG traditionally operates a grocery store inside a bus that travels around Charleston, typically to under-served communities. Obviously, in these social distancing times, the bus is not operating. Do not fret however, because their Community Supported Grocery (similar to a CSA program) is doing a full on delivery system! You can sign up here and opt for either a single bundle, double bundle, family size bundle, or a baller (huge!) bundle. Prices are pretty reasonable and you get enough locally sourced produce to last a while.

Single Size Bundle


2. Joseph Fields Farms – This John’s Island-based farm is doing a one time – one share CSA program. You pay just $35 for 18 pounds of produce! Pick-ups are weekly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. You can pick up your boxes at 3 different locations (Mount P, South Windermere, and Park Circle). To place your order each week, send an email to or you can order via text at 843-906-6084. Payment is via Venmo.

3. The Veggie Bin – If you weren’t already aware, there is a tiny little grocery store tucked away on Spring Street that is the true gold mine of locally sourced produce and other goods. Some of their merchandise tends to be a bit more pricey than what you would find at a Harris Teeter, but sometimes its worth it if you want really great-tasting produce and also want to avoid big grocery store crowds.

4. Mt. Pleasant Essential Goods Market – Beginning THIS TUESDAY and continuing every Tuesday from 1pm-7pm, you can find a small farmers market at the Moultrie Middle School Pavilion on Coleman Boulevard. The market will be selling fruits and veggies from Joseph Fields Farms, eggs, dairy and poultry from Fili-West Farms, greens and herbs from Hydroponics Harvest Farms, fresh strawberries from Shuler Peach Company, as well as produce from Robert Fields Farms and Earl Freeman Farms. Most of these farms are offering up their produce for pre-order as well, so minimal contact is involved. Phone numbers and emails for pre-ordering are listed below.

  • Joseph Fields Farm: Call (843) 830-8612 by Monday at noon.
  • Fili West Farms: E-mail by Monday at 8 p.m.
  • Hydroponics Harvest Farms: Email by Monday at noon.
  • Shuler Peach Company: Pre-order via text at (803) 759-0089.


5. Farmstand – A farmer owned and operated online grocery store that provides access to all locally sourced products. You can sign up for a weekly CSA with FREE delivery that will feed small and medium-sized families for just $25. You will receive an assortment of vegetables from responsible SC farms. Click here to see what they are selling a la carte, as well as to place your order.

6. The Daily – The Daily is open for takeout and delivery and has a plethora of farm fresh produce for sale, as well as various other local products at reasonable prices. Click here to access their website where you can place your order.

7. Baguette Magic – Baguette Magic on James Island is offering contact-free delivery. You can order local produce, various local products, as well as meal kits and ingredients from local restaurants at affordable prices. Click here to place your order.



Unemployed F&B Employees: Get Your Free Meals!

It’s no question that the Coronavirus is taking quite a significant toll on the Charleston community, from healthcare employees getting sick, to beaches being closed amidst beautiful 80 degree weather, and restaurants having to close their dining rooms and resort to strictly take-out and delivery. Because the restaurants have had to close their doors, they’ve also had to make the very difficult decision to lay off the majority of their employees. Many F&B employees rely on their income to support their families, so for some, this is taking a major toll on their daily lives.

Fortunately, Charleston has a very supportive restaurant community and there are many restaurants and restaurant groups that are coming together to provide meals to F&B employees in need. Below, I’ve got a list of all the restaurants and restaurant groups that are participating. If you are an F&B employee or know someone who is and is in need, make sure to take note!

  • Lewis Barbecue:  Head to Lewis BBQ on Thursdays for FREE hatch red chile and cheese smothered beef burritos, served with pinto beans and spanish rice for the first 100 people to order. Must order ahead online.

TO ORDER: Click here. Then enter the promo code, CHSstrong. You’ll get 20% off any additional items ordered as well.

  • Pay it Forward Charleston: Started by Butcher and Bee, this program will be offering up FREE groceries to F&B employees. Groceries will consist of excess local veggies and other goods that local farmers have to spare. Instead of spoiling and filling a landfill, the restaurants are purchasing the fresh produce at a large discount and donating them to F&B employees in the form of a weekly bag of groceries. Check back for more info on how to sign up!

View this post on Instagram

We are proud to partner with our dear friends at @butcherandbee on a new initiative aimed at the decimated Charleston F&B community. With the sudden compromise of our beloved #Charleston restaurant scene, there are a number of local farmers that have an abundance of product. Instead of spoiling and filling a landfill, we're purchasing the fresh produce at a deep discount and donating them to F+B workers in the form of a weekly provisions box. @TacoBoyCHS is honored to partner in this week’s pickup, you can sign up at the link in our bio and we'll reach out when your food is available. Join us in thanking the B&B team for getting the ball rolling, and the rest of our amazing restaurant community for pitching in. We're all in this together! 🐝 🌮

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  • Full Belly, Full Hearts: Charleston Hospitality Group is partnering with their food supplier to create a way for hospitality workers and overworked healthcare providers, as well as first responders to come get a free meal or volunteer work serving their fellow F&B employees. The program started this past Monday and will be serving food 7 days a week from 8am-8pm at all Toast locations. You can come to the restaurant at any time and they will serve the food in boxes to you though your car. You can also have your food delivered by calling 843-822-0011. Meals are limited to 1 per day.


  • Sorghum and Salt: Sorghum and Salt is partnering with Growfood Carolina to provide 50 FREE meals to those in the service industry who have lost their jobs. Call 843-872-6393 anytime from 5-7pm to add your name to the list and come pick it up.


Social Distancing? Order Online!

The Corona-virus is real y’all and its important that everyone takes it seriously. It may not seem like it, but staying home if you are able is one of the best things you can do right now in order to prevent further spreading of the disease. Fortunately for Charleston, many restaurants are still up and running and are offering deals on pick-up and delivery services. It’s more important than ever to support local restaurants because things like the Corona-virus can really negatively impact these businesses.

I’ve got a list below of all restaurants offering affordable online ordering or delivery services. You should also know that if you download Uber Eats, you can get FREE delivery from locally owned restaurants. I will continue to update this list if more restaurants with affordable menu options convert to online ordering and delivery.

  • Mercantile and Mash: Offering 10% off all to-go orders. You can either give them a call or place an order online.


Phone Number: 843-793-2636

Online Orders: Click here.

  • Daps Breakfast and Imbibe: Order online or through Uber Eats. Available for delivery or pick-up! Most menu items are priced at $10 or under.

Online orders: Click here.

  • Bay Street Biergarten: Call ahead and place an order and get 10% off!

Phone Number: 843-266-2437

  • Rappahanock Oyster Bar: Offering an online ordering menu for curbside pickup or carry-out. I would suggest ordering off their small plate menu for the most affordable options.

Online Ordering Menu: Click Here.

  • Gnome Cafe: Starting Tuesday, March 17 Gnome will be switching to a take-out and delivery service ONLY. You can order on their online ordering website or through Uber Eats for FREE delivery. You can get a freshly made bagel here for just $2.75 or even a BLT for just $7!

Online Ordering: Click Here.

  • Semilla:  Order online through Uber Eats or through Grubhub. You can also call the restaurant to place an order. I would suggest opting for their Taco Box, which includes 3 tacos of your choosing, as well as chips and salsa for just $14. The restaurant is also offering full take out meals that can feed groups of 2-4 people. Be sure to call ahead to pre-order these larger meals. Below I have listed the full meals being offered.

Phone Number: 843-718-3175

Semilla Full To-Go Large Meal Options:
               – Signature 1/2 Fried Chicken with jalapeño agave glaze, aromatic rice and black beans (serves 2): $26
               -Signature Whole Fried Chicken with jalapeño agave glaze, aromatic rice and black beans (serves 4): $60
               -Mexican BBQ: Carnitas, Carne Asada, Rice, Black Beans, Cabbage Slaw, and Salsa served with flour and corn tortillas (serves 4): $60



REVIEW: Get your Brunch on at One Broad

Recently I had the opportunity to enjoy brunch at One Broad (yes it’s location stays true to its name) and I was quite pleased with my experience. One Broad is owned by Normandy Farms bakers and owners, Ben Johnson and Mike Ray. The restaurant does a fabulous job of incorporating their farm fresh ingredients and freshly baked varieties of bread into their brunch menu.

I went to One Broad with a friend of mine for a delightful Sunday brunch, in which we sampled two of their menu items, while enjoying the most delicious mimosas and coffee. We ordered their Avocado Toast and the Shakshuka. The Avocado Toast was made with Miche bread and was topped with mashed avocado, spinach leaves, pickled red onions, radishes and herbs. It was one of the most beautiful presentations of avocado toast I had seen and its appearance was truly a great representation of its taste. Upon biting into the toast I was immediately impressed with how flavorful the toasted Miche bread was, as well as its soft, yet crunchy texture. The toppings really took the dish up several notches, with the flavor fusion from the pickled veggies, the herbs and the olive oil drizzled on top. It was salty, tangy, and had a slight garlic-y flavor.

IMG_20200216_213914_789 (1)

The Shakshuka really took the cake. This dish is traditionally known as a Mediterranean egg-based dish. It was served in a warm cast-iron skillet and was made of chickpeas, tomatoes, greens, eggs, and salsa verde. It was topped with two slices of toasted bread. This dish was the perfect way to warm us up on a chilly day in Charleston. Not only was it comforting but it was crazy delicious. It was fully of spicy flavor, but it wasn’t so spicy that our mouths were on fire. It was creamy and the toast added a great element, in that we enjoyed topping the toasts with the shakshuka to add a little crunchiness. I would order this dish again in a heartbeat!

20200216_125342 (1)

While we were enjoying our dishes, there was a live musician playing and the restaurant was bustling with people thoroughly enjoying their meals. We stopped by their dessert case on the way out, where we were quite tempted by the plethora of muffins, croissants, and other various pastries. However, we were quite full so we decided we would indulge in these sweet treats on our next visit to One Broad.


Not only does the food taste great at One Broad, but the prices are pretty decent as well. The Avocado Toast cost us $10, which may seem a bit hefty for avocado toast, but the dish was actually large enough for us to split and had such a large variety of toppings, which made the dish well worth its price. The Shakshuka cost us $13, making the total cost of our meal $23 (tip not included), which isn’t too shabby when being split among two people. Not to mention we were both quite full when we left!

If you haven’t yet been to One Broad, I would definitely suggest checking it out. If you think that the price of the meal I had still sounds a bit more than you’d like to be spending, I would suggest checking them out for happy hour during the week from 4-7, in which they offer up special full meals at an affordable price. Happy eating!

A Charleston Mardi Gras on the Cheap!

I’ve never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras before, but from what I hear, its quite the experience and I definitely plan to check it out one day. In the meantime, I’ll be here stuffing my face with all the king cake in Charleston. Here are just a few of my favorite spots offering up great deals for Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras food and drink this week. Hope you find the baby in your cake!

2/25 THE PALACE HOTEL: From 4-7 enjoy live music by Illa Illa, hurricanes, beads, and the chance to win a $50 gift card if you find the baby in your king cake!

2/25 COSMIC BOWLING AT THE ALLEY: From 4pm-1am, enjoy $2 glow bowling, as well as specials including frozen hurricanes, gumbo, and their $2 Tuesday Specials, which include $2 classic cans and $2 hot dogs.87950276_2556343734476005_6759706945361281024_o2/25 MARDI GRAS PARTY AT COQUIN: Enjoy $10 Crawdad Creole, 1/2 off all wine and champagne, $6 king cake, as well as select tapas priced at $7 or less. If you find the baby in your king cake, you’ll win a FREE magnum bottle of wine!

2/26: MARDI GRAS RUN WITH CHARLESTON BEER WORKS: Run a few miles with a group from Charleston Beer Works and then return back for $4 local drafts all night and $3 sliders!

Spreading the Love..On the Cheap!

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I’ve got the perfect list of ways to get your lovin’ on without having to worry about breaking the bank. From Valentine’s Day restaurant deals, to Galentine’s Day deals, to fun Valentine’s Day events, this is the list you’ve been waiting for. Keep reading to get in on all the great deals.


On Valentine’s Day, you can get any winter menu item BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE! Wow, with the high prices of smoothies and juices at this healthy cafe, this is certainly a deal not to be missed. If you want some hints as to what the Winter Menu includes, think kale salad bowls, acai bowls, and a red velvet latte!


Red Velvet Latte


Valentine’s Day could not be a better day to get your wine and cheese consuming on. I can’t think of a better place to enjoy these things than at a self-serve wine bar! Uncork will be offering 20% off sparkling wines and champagne. If you purchase a bottle, you will receive FREE chocolate covered strawberries, as well! If you go during happy hour between 6 and 7pm, you can also enjoy $7 select small plates, including meatballs in a house marinara sauce, a cheese pita pizza served with pepperchini, and marinated Greek olives and pickles.



Toast is offering up a 3 course dinner menu for just $24.95/person. You can indulge in this 3 course dinner any time from now until February 15. Menu items include things such as fried green tomatoes, honey-bourbon chicken breast (my personal fav), and red velvet cake. There are locations downtown, in West Ashley, as well as Mt. Pleasant.



Join Mercantile and Mash’s pastry chef, Anne White for the ultimate cookie decorating masterclass! You will learn advanced techniques, including how to make royal icing and will also be greeted with a glass of sparkling rose. Your ticket includes your bubbles, step-by-step instruction, as well as a dozen cookies to decorate and take home. Tickets are just $35 and you can snag them here.



Don’t have a special someone to love on for Valentine’s Day, but have lots of special gal pals? Be sure to head to either Parcel 32 or Sol Southwest Kitchen on February 13 for great Galentine’s Day specials.

  • Parcel 32: from 5-10pm, you can enjoy $5 skinny cocktails, half-priced select bottles of wine and champagne, $10 local cheese plates, happy hour specials from 5-7, as well as live music.
  • Sol Southwest Kitchen: Enjoy a 2 course dinner for just $13!

Local Cheese Plate at Parcel 32









The Ultimate Spots for Affordable Superbowl Eating and Viewing

THE BRICK – Big Game Oyster Roast and Game Watching Party


From 4-10pm, you can enjoy $12 buckets of oysters, $12 Yuengling pitchers, a $20 bucket and pitcher combo, and $3 Yuengling pints.




Enjoy watching the game on a 110 inch viewing screen, while noshing on 50 cent wings, 3 sliders and fries for $12, $5 wells, half off all bottles of wine, and half off VIP table service.



Enjoy $5 burgers!




Enjoy happy hour all night long! This includes $7 specialty cocktails, glasses of $5 prosecco, red and white wine, a $6 seasonal draft selection, $1.50 oysters, and a $7 cheese plate.



 Enjoy $1.50 Yuengling and 20% off all pub food and sushi, starting at 6pm.



Take a trip down 17 in Mt. Pleasant to Rivertowne Public House for half-priced wings and pizza and drink specials all night.